Prostate Cancer - Which Treatment Is The "Correct One"?


Prostate Cancer - Which Treatment Is The "Correct One"?



Prostate Cancer Which Treatment Is The Correct One
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The cancer illness can be attacked by many working methods. No other kind of cancer has so many possibilities. But we do not know to today yet, whether also only one of the possible types of treatment is value, the life of patient with Prostate cancer to extend. Naturally, results from it that for the patients in addition, for the treating physician for a certain working method to decide to have itself.

However often the expertise of the before and disadvantages is missing to the patient. The treating physician is however often technically embarrassed and partial. the Urologist's tell it for years after that a radical operation should be made and the only working method it is. However, we forgotten that there are no hard proofs for it. It's could be affected also by a financial motivation. (the interference costs between $20'000 and 30'000).

The radiologist recommends of course naturally the irradiation and that holistic oriented expert wants its "alternative" working methods applied. The patient is advised well to catch up a second or third specialized medical opinion before it decides for a working method. A working method for Prostate cancer is "Watchful Waiting".

Beside the treatment procedures of the "radical operation" or the irradiation treatment wins this methodology and meaning. Although neither for the operation nor for the irradiation treatment proofs for a concrete survival advantage for the patient is present, these procedures in highest

Lycopene Effective with Prostate Cancer Treatment
Men with prostate cancer who take supplemental lycopene in addition to surgical removal of the testicles may experience less active disease, less bone pain, and live longer than those who only have surgical removal of the testicles, according to a...

place stand.

Still will "Watchful Waiting" to treat (without the cancer observe decisive therapy) reluctantly by many physicians in addition, patients concerned by around perhaps only later with coming problems. "Watchful Waiting" is one of expert recognized treatment strategy for many patients.

For example, we know that in the USA only 1 patient of eight patients at the consequences of the illnesses will die. The problem is, we can not forecast, which of the eight patients with died present possibilities of treatment has the largest chances. Even if we knew, there is no warranty the fact that the present possibilities of treatment this man to heal or would extend its life. This points us out that we are in a problem of the ways to the treatment.

Conclusion: Let's you guide from your own feeling. Reading all over this sickness and let you know a second opinion of a doctor of your confidence.

Thank you for your reading.

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